Convert Bitrate Possible? 8-bit to 10-bit?

Hey, everybody, I just recently upgraded Video AI and I haven’t used it much yet but I was curious if they have added or are planning to add bitrate conversion as a feature? For example, I have a an original Sony A7S and the best I can get out of it is 4:2:2 8-bit external recording and if I wanted 10 or 12-bit I would have to upgrade to the new Sony A7S III. Needless to say, the 4K 8-bit is still rather nice but pixellation and limited color issues can pop up depending on the shot. Does AI have an answer for fixing this yet or is it still too early? Needless to say, if they solve this then all kinds of legacy cameras could have a new place in modern production.

To my understanding the Topaz tool can not invent colors that are not there.
if it is an 8-Bit source, just by encoding it to 10-Bit, won’t magickly create it with actual 10-Bit colors.

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TVAI is internally processed in 16 bits.
It is then converted to 16, 12, 10, or 8 bits for output according to the encoder.

As a general observation, super-resolution and noise reduction generate intermediate colors between adjacent colors.
In the generation of intermediate colors, the higher the bits processed, the higher the accuracy.

However, since there is no function that explicitly aims to remove banding, banding by 8-bit is only a side effect of noise reduction.


Yeah, I figure the color situation may not be there yet but getting rid of any 8-bit banding/aliasing/etc. would be very helpful at least to bridge the gap between 8-bit versus 10-bit+. Fixed pattern noise issues could be something to work on as well as certain cameras have been known to exhibit that issue.