Contact Support

How do I contact support? Not community. Support. Topaz employee.

If you have a bug or issue create a thread in the Bugs and Issues section for that product as Support reply to all in those sections. Why did you post in Photo, Ideas … what idea were you putting forward for Photo AI?

You can contact support directly from the Topaz Labs webpages, there is a blue Callout on most pages, make sure popups are enabled in your browser, click on that and follow the instructions.

I’m not going to create another thtread anywhere. The reason being is that I want answers from people who know instead of people like you guessing and asking questions that are none of your business. Thanks fore making my point.

I guess you don’t understand English … You can raise a post in the Bugs and Issues section of Photo AI if you have a problem that will be a 2 day reply time, or you can raise a request, as I pointed out above, at the main website that will be an 8 day response.

Note that rude people like you will not get people to help.

Please open the application, select “Support” from the “Help” menu on the top. :slight_smile:

I’m not ask for your help. I’m asking for the people I paid to answer my question. Not some Joe wanna be tech like you. You’re equally as rude.