I would really like to see look and feel setup.ATM if

I want to save the image, I get 6 different ways to do it
; when do I get asked to nominate the folder, when I get asked the format. Is it before I ask to save, after, some stock format, the last format etc etc. I may be exaggerating, but it is a bit of mess. Where is the Save button, how does it behave? When is the Save button something else.

I almost hit the Save/Calculate/Whatever button with considerable hesitation.

I know it’s going to be better for me, but it has to present this suite as a suite and not just a bunch of cowboys doing brilliant work. (and it is brilliant work)

Can you explain the actual problems you are facing in the products you are using please.

OK. I definitely owe you that much :smile: They are niggles and a wishlist thing. It’s just that when I am going through the processes I have to pause to wonder if I have missed a Save options process and as I say I always have to scan the screen carefully to see if I have missed something. If the products are to look like a suite, I reckon that would help. While I have found it easier to get amazing results from this than any other methods I have tried, look and feel comfort is a great attractant IME. If you reckon I am being petty or that my niggles are lower priority, then no problemo. :slightly_smiling_face:

Product by product:

  • JPEG to RAW AI…I process an image and want to save the result. In the right sidebar Output settings section, there are settings for location, file format, prefix, suffix. These need to be set before saving, which is in this situation named Start.

  • Sharpen AI…there are no save settings to the RHS. The Save button brings those up after the Save Image button is pressed. Once there, there is no real problem: in my mind you have to go through all that stuff anyway and be careful

  • Denoise AI same as Sharpen

  • Adjust AI has a little Save As button instead of the Large Save Image button in, say, Sharpen.

JPEG to RAW AI is unique insofar there is no save as. The others have a Save and Save as and therefore offer the option of selecting a Folder and Format in the Save as option.

Using Save as, or Save in JPEG to RAW, you have an option of saving to the source directory or another which will be the default next time. If the default or input directory is chosen it will look to the source directory of the next input.

OK thanks. I will back of on this one.