Computer freezes when saving to return to host application (Studio)

I’m a relatively new user to Topaz products and am very pleased with the end results I get when I use them as plug-ins with both Lightroom and PhotoShop. My LR and PS applications are through the Creative Cloud and are updated regularly.

The problem I have is after launching to Topaz Studio from both LR and PS. After completing my editing and during the save process that occurs before being returned to the host application, my computer locks up. This does not happen every time but I’m guessing it happens about half the time. When this does happen, I eventually have to bail out using the Task Manager or wait for the program to shut itself down. I end up losing a lot of time and just get plain frustrated.

It has been suggested that I check to see if my hardware meets the minimum requirements, and in all areas that I can see, my hardware far exceeds the minimums as well as the “suggested” requirements.

Early on I thought there might be a problem on my end, being a new user and all, and perhaps that is still the case. However, I am more and more beginning to feel that it is not my fault and not a problem with my computer, but a problem with Topaz Studio.

I REALLY want to continue using Topaz products because they have provided me with some tools that help me develop my photos in a way that matches what my mind conjures up.

I’ve attached below a DxDiag file from this morning. Perhaps there is something in there that will point to my problem.

DxDiag.txt (76.5 KB)

I have the same problem. Studio freezes or takes so long to return to Lightroom after I hit the save button that I give up and CtrlAltDel studio. It is so bad that I have stopped using studio from LR. Studio works OK (most of the time) as a stand alone. (though it can still freeze occasionally). Tlfusionexpress works fine from LR.