Hi, I am interested in your opinion.

Which of the two images do you like better?

In order not to produce bias, I withhold details, but resolve them after a week.






I prefer V2 as the colors and shadows look more realistic.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have added two detail cutouts.

Note: Due to different preferreration of Pt-Gui, at some positions the pixels are slightly different.

I prefer V2 also but because of the detail and clarity, one thing I don’t like is the color of the sky in the background as it is distracting, I guess it could be fixed with a white balance adjustment using a luminosity mask.

But nice composition of the shot.

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So, the week has passed.

The top image is from DxO Photolab 5.

With the possibilities that the program offered me without local adjustments.

The bottom one is Capture One with the style I’ve been actively working on since about 2017 and with which I edit all my images, even without local adjustments.

Whole weddings (4500 images alone from September to late October) are processed with it and all my landscape and macro photos.

I do comparisons from time to time, I’m interested in what people think and especially what they see and how they describe it.

I feel reconfirmed in my image editing path even though I only got two responses.

Thank you for your reaction.

That’s a little difficult, the exact point of view is there , yes that’s very hidden and you don’t think it’s there, and I don’t remember exactly if I had clouds on the horizon or not, probably it looks a little darker and colder better.


Thomas - I prefer the more low-key ones that seem to have more shadow “burning” in them (the v. 2’s). But I tend to skew toward liking darker images as my personal taste. I think the darker ones seem more sculptural and dimensional and (at least to me) help break up some of the color sameness throughout the entire image. They look like nice places to visit.

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