Comparison Topaz Face Recovering AI VS other software

I just wanted to say that you should improve the Face Recovering AI of Topaz Photo AI (all version). I enlarge many photos containing faces and I did the comparison with other software and in particular (if i can cit) with “HitPaw Photo Enhancer” and this was almost always better than Topaz AI in recovering faces (apart in some particular cases where it changed too much the faces). In any case HitPaw manages to recovering alway better tha Topaz Photo AI, especially the eyes, the mouth, the teeth, the hair. I can’t send you some photos examples for privacy reasons, I can’t send people’s faces. I can only tell you that I often had to merge the results using the photo generated by Topaz AI (that is always much better) as a base of my progect, but merging the faces generated by HitPaw over it. I hope you guys succeds to improve face recovering AI on Topaz soon…

@injustice Thanks for sharing your insights!

Face Recovery is a relatively new feature for us but we’re continuously improving the models. If you want, you can use stock images from the internet to highlight some key areas you want us to pay particular attention to.