Compare Modes for Previews_Not Workarounds

(forgive me for my lack of brevity) Hello, first feature request on my part. Why? Because I just realized how useful it would be (and was at one point) in a test I’m doing between Various NLEs and Motion Graphics software and Topaz Video AI. What? Compare Modes, like the compare modes for Previews/Originals-like we had before. I’m testing various parameter results in Topaz Video AI to compare those same results with what the NLEs/Motion GFX Software, that I mentioned can do. Hot topic in the Professional motion graphics and editing realms. So, w Topaz Video AI I have find myself going back forth amongst Topaz Video AI previews to compare their results with different options selected or not in various combinations so I can compare the winning Topaz result with the outcomes of different software I use, that are not specifically designed for what Topaz Video AI is designed for. What a pain it is to try to compare different Topaz results with each other. Of course, there is a workaround(s). Set each preview window to the same frame/scale/position then pop back and forth between the previews. This is cumbersome and problematic. 1. The point in time where the curser on each preview window sits fluctuates every time one clicks on a different preview. So, you might set several previews on frame six but when you click on the other preview(s) it will have switched to the 5 or 7th frame and so on. 2. What a pain it is to scale and position preview windows to match. I want to be able to see Artemis Low Quality/Noisy results, Artemis Medium Quality results next to Proteus Auto results for the same original video. I want to be able to composite multiple results on top of each other and easily pass through one preview to the next in comparison. I can easily compare the results within an NLE, cropping two images together for example. But I want to compare Topaz Video AI results with Topaz results within Topaz, easily. To get the best results whether one is upscaling or just trying to enhance a DV image without upscaling takes testing. It should be easy to compare test results in an absolute not relative sense-IMHO. Ultimately better-quality picture results or outcomes are my emphasis when I think of Topaz Video AI improvements. But I also think in terms of how pro editors of which I am one would use it and why they would want to or not want to purchase Topaz Software (both Photo Image Quality software and Video AI, but especially Video AI). That’s what I start with when I think of improvements I’d like to see made re: Topaz Video AI whether it be UI, Processing, Video Quality performance… Thanks! Thoughts? (FWIW) I have owned and used Topaz Video Imaging software extensively since before it was Topaz Video AI and all the iterations up to the most recent Alphas).