Community Update 5/1/2019

The community under went an update this morning to bring in preview thumbnails in the list views. This involved a host migration to facilitate. You may notice that a few images you may have uploaded in the past week are showing as broken links. We are working to get them out of storage from the previous host and migrated over but it is a manual process. In the meantime, you can edit your message and re-upload for them to be stored and shown correctly to continue the conversation.

Let us know if you have issues getting to or doing things that you were previously able to.

Known issue: Uploaded landscape oriented images are still being clipped on the right and have to be clicked on to be fully viewed.


OK, seeing them now. Thank you.

Glad to hear it! Was starting to look into why you wouldn’t be :slight_smile:

Here’s what my view looks like right now, thumbnails for posts that start with images