Commandline arguments or/and API needed

Command line arguments or/and API needed, to automate the workflow using scripts.
It would be nice to launch the Gigapixel from the script with arguments such as a folder with source images and to close it after processing is finished (let it use default settings for everything else, at least). We miss this functionality very much.

this is a great idea and something that has been brought up to our product team before.

it is on the list of other features to add to Gigapixel but CLI at the moment will not be in any immediate releases as far as i can tell.

if we continue to see a huge amount of upvotes for it, this may change.

While upvotes can be a helpful way to gauge interest, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone who is interested in this topic may be active on this particular forum.

I have another idea that could be implemented with relatively little effort: a ‘waiting folder’ mode. In this mode, Gigapixel would monitor specified locations for new files and automatically begin processing them using the current settings. This would eliminate the need for user intervention and significantly speed up the workflow by reducing the time gap between image generation and upscaling. What are your thoughts on this?

Noted. Thanks for this idea as well. I can certainly run this by our dev team to see what they say.

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Thank you, it would be very nice =)

from a technical view it seems doable but from a design perspective it would need some more thought.

thank you for asking!

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You already have the option ‘quick save’ in Gigapixel, and it looks like a part of future ‘waiting folder’ design (you just press [quick save] button once, and then it process the files from a list with current settings without asking any question). It remains to develop a continuous watchdog function and a mechanism for passing file lists to processing.

Please do not let perfection be the enemy of good. If you can get an mvp out that doesn’t look pretty that will be amazing. I have been asking for this feature for more than 6 months.