Command Line Support

We had this in a few versions before - making all features available to call from the command line…
I won´t go into details here, those who know what to do with that need no explanation and for those only using a mosue to navigate, its not relevant :slight_smile:

I believe this is a planned feature but I will vote for it anyway.

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Command line support is planned for 2.7 along with new video IO. The command line interface would be without any GUI and hopefully much faster than the last version in 2.3.


I guess I am stuck at version 2.3 until CLI support is restored. It’s completely impractical to use VEAI for more than just one-off’s without CLI interface.

I’m not sure what is meant by “CLI would be much faster”. It takes hours to run VEAI to process a video, does a slow startup-time of a few seconds really matter? Really disappointed it’s been removed.

I also like being able to see the GUI when it’s run from the CLI, so I can see what’s going on. I like being able to automate processes via the CLI, but I also like being able to view work in progress, same as any other user does. If something isn’t working, either due to a fault in VEIA or me simply calling it with the wrong arguments, I want to be able to see that right away, not hours later when the processing finishes.

This seems like a downgrade if this is no longer an option in a future CLI implementation.

Anyway, for now, I won’t be testing any new versions since they don’t work with the workflow I built around VEAI’s now deprecated CLI.


I totaly get that… With CLI this is possible, too… VEAI can output constant status of what it is doing, whether this is displayed via text in the cmd prompt or the output is grabbed and thrown into a small GUI or reporting tool or visualization or monitoring or homeautomation or… can be configured… Lets wait and see how Topaz will do it - having the possibility to stay completely outside of a GUI is promising…