Command Line Interface Not Starting in 2.4.0

The command line is throwing an error when I try to run it. I re-installed VEAI 2.4.0 but still no go. Any ideas? I get this Windows 10 error message:


read the version 2.4.0 update release infos

the command line was removed for good.
due to lack of interest by the most users

will maybe come back with 2.5.0

That’s a shame. There goes my workflow. Guess I’ll try to find an earlier version.

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I also was using the command line for multi-movie workflows. There are issues with doing multiple videos with the app: The display gets messed up after about 3 and often freezes up (memory leaks?). Also you can’t change the algorithm/parameters for each individual video in the main app. Please fix these issues and/or re-release the command line. Thanks!