Command Line Interface Not Starting in 2.4.0

The command line is throwing an error when I try to run it. I re-installed VEAI 2.4.0 but still no go. Any ideas? I get this Windows 10 error message:


read the version 2.4.0 update release infos

the command line was removed for good.
due to lack of interest by the most users

will maybe come back with 2.5.0

That’s a shame. There goes my workflow. Guess I’ll try to find an earlier version.

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I also was using the command line for multi-movie workflows. There are issues with doing multiple videos with the app: The display gets messed up after about 3 and often freezes up (memory leaks?). Also you can’t change the algorithm/parameters for each individual video in the main app. Please fix these issues and/or re-release the command line. Thanks!

I’m need the command line also. Is there any way we could please see this reintroduced?

Any update on when command line will be brought back into the app?

Ah. This is a massive bummer. I bought the software in order to run end to end ffmpeg (avisynth preprocessing) + Topaz interpolation + Topaz upscaling with one script on countless hours of scanned 8mm footage.

Massive shame.

Very disappointing. Running multiple instances simply does not cut it.

I really do hope the cli interface comes back asap, its frustrating to wait for hours for a first process to end to initiate the next one using the result of the first process as input. Typically first deinterlacing, then stabilization using 3rd party tools, then doubling the framerate (and halving the speed) as the source is old film with too fast movements and finally upscaling.