Command Line - documented options?

I’ve started playing around with the command line – what a wonderful way to batch process videos! I am able to get good results with upscaling and interpolation at the same time. For example:

/Applications/Topaz\ Video\ AI\ -hide_banner -nostdin -y -strict 2 -hwaccel auto -i "CLIP_2.avi" -vcodec h264_videotoolbox -b:v 1000k -pix_fmt yuv420p -filter_complex "tvai_up=model=alq-13:scale=2,tvai_fi=model=chf-3:fps=30" "CLIP_2.mp4"

However I am wondering if there is any documentation on options for filters like iris-2 or prob-3? Or more detailed scaling options beyond “scale=2”?

this is the best I found.

If you want more details on CLI options so your best documentation is @ForSerious :slight_smile:
P.S. Sorry @ForSerious for throwing you under the bus :innocent: :shushing_face:

Thanks - yeah, that’s where I started. And I was able to find a handful of posts that explained a few other things. But the details I’m looking for don’t seem to be documented anywhere yet. We’ll see if @ForSerious wants to chime in :slight_smile:

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Haha, well you’re not wrong. I just learned that you can force it to not download models.

run the command ffmpeg.exe -h filter=tvai_up it will tell you some details about what is there and what it’s supposed to do. BUT, it does not say things like what all the model options are nor what models need or use what parameters.

Mostly I’ve been using the GUI to generate commands to figure out how to do what I want.


Oh and there are a few other little things like you’ll need to properly convert the colorspace from rgb48le to whatever is compatible with the output format.

Oh wow – I didn’t know you could peek at the ffmpeg commands from the GUI – now that I poked around and found that I think I’ll be all set. I could even write some more complete documentation!

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I just learned that this week. Turns out all ffmpeg online documentation is lacking, because peeking is how you’re suppose to find the information you need. Depending on who compiled the version of ffmpeg and what they included in the build, the options will be different than what’s online anyway.