Command line call for power users ( batching)

I put in a request today for having a more sophisticated batching setup - the current one is very very limited. In the old day TL worked with Photoshop action allowing for very sophisticated chains of batching. Here was the request I put in - if you agree maybe you can tell TL this would be a great future power user feature.


The Batch Processing is still very simple/limited for batch processing and does not do allot that is needed. I suggest a simple fix ( a command line call). For instance with your current batching - you can not have a folder of mattes and a folder of images and have it work with both, so if you pulled mattes you can not use them in a batch. You can’t call two different adjustment effects ( only one). There are many things you can only do in one effects sequence ( like make it look like a watercolor in one effect sequence and use another to pull really nice ink lines - then later put them together) - which is why you sometimes need several to be run on an image. You can not work with layers. It does not work with other tools even if you are in Photoshop. For instance if photoshop actions and their batch tool was supported you could mix and match TL Studio with any tools you have in photoshop including other plugins, you could move layers around with the memory of the script for say matting or using transparency in complex ways, you could save results through the process not just the end result and again you can call TS effects many times in one batch. And on and on. Many of us need this level of batching and were used to it with old Topaz working with Photshop actions. I especially need calling more that one effects process at a time. So if I need to run many batches, now I have to manually go into TS , find an effect, run it, then setup a batch – and do this for every batch I want to do - rather than list many of them and have them run for hours. These tools you make are amazing, it would be nice to have an automation top layer above them with the power of Adobe Actions. I would therefore like to request a simple command line tool where you can call TS like follows:

TSbatch [effect name] [input pix name] [output pix name]

where TS opens, runs the effect seqeunce (like it would in batch mode) on the input pix and outputs the output pix name.

It would then be very easy for users to use say .bat or any scripting system to use a for loop to run through a folder and output to another folder ( like batching does) but also every variant of these possiblities ( all those I mentioned above).

Is it possible ( like most modern tools including Photoshop, filterforge, … ) to have a power user command line way into your TS system, like this. It would help us out amazingly. The power user community would share simple scripts and grow the usage of TS to a large extent - allowing for so many automated image processing jobs that they need and cutting hours of labor time.

Do you the community agree with me on this.



I absolutely second the request. My workflow involves processing several hundred photos (from sporting events) and batching them to do things such as noise reduction and sharpening after I have cropped and processed each photo.

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My biggest frustration with Topaz products is how hard it is to integrate into actions in PS. A tool which lets us do this and enter parameters would be fantastic.

My way of working is to do a batch process which opens a TIF file, creates a new image layer, runs, for example, a Topaz Studio effect on the layer, sets the opacity of the layer, makes a new image layer (stamp visible) and runs a different Topaz tool on that layer, sets the opacity, saves the file, opens the next TIF file in the folder.

This allows me to get a whole bunch of files processed at one go while I do something else. Are they always all perfect? no. But if there are shortcomings, I can fix just those files. But, most of the time, it works.

The problem is, there is no way to set a “default” setting in Topaz products and I have to go into each product and manually create the state before I run the batch process.

Alas, this does not work in the new Topaz Adjust AI at all, as far as I can tell :disappointed:

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