Combining Clips in Video Ai

When editing family, or other videos we may often wish to keep only certain scenes, and get rid of some. This can certainly be done with an editor prior to scaling and improving with Video Ai, but allowing this to be done inside Video Ai would be a terrific time saver and an extremely helpful feature.
To be specific this would mean the ability to mark clips/ segments A, B, C, D, etc. to keep, and then rendering all of these clips into a single finished video.

Alternatively the marked clips could be marked for exclusion since depending on the video editing project a particular video may simply need to have only 1 or 2 clips excluded which may be a faster way to accomplish the editing goal.

Thanks for reading.

Voted! Video AI is almost like a video editor, because you can trim and even crop the video so that would be amazing.


When downloading videos back in the way, it would always come in multiple parts with sometimes an intro cub at the beginning.

As it stands now I have to trim it in VidCutter so it’s lossless edits and merge them then bring them into Topaz Video. The icky part of these two steps is VidCutter, to be lossless, it can only cut on keyframes. So it’s not accurate. Being able to just set several in and out points in video topaz would be great.

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So is there a way to do this in TVAI 5? Currently it only allows you to add markers for 1 part of a video (if you want to trim it out)…

I’m not sure certain what you would want to have.
I don’t think it will allow us to do what I specifically requested. Topaz does not listen to users as much as they used to, or perhaps not enough people have expressed their interest for this feature.

The later versions already allow you to combine a series of still photos (you may need to renumber them so they are consecutive) and Video Ai will create a video for you. Of course this is very wasteful and a slow way to get things done.