Combine Topaz DeNoise AI with Sharpen AI


For now, I use the Topaz Sharpen AI only

I want to combine it with Topaz DeNoise for high ISO cases

is that the correct flow?

  1. In Lightroom, Turn off noise reduction and sharpening

  2. Use the DeNoise AI when Remove noise-On and sharpen-Off

  3. Use the Sharpen AI when sharpness-On and suppress noise-Off

Thank you

I wouldn’t really turn off sharpening in DeNoise as it is a pre-sharpening rather than a post sharpener.

Using Low Light mode with 0 sharpening simply adds no pre-sharpening.

Thank you

Don, when using low light mode with 0 sharpening prevents turns off Auto for the noise reduction correct? If so every image in the batch would have to be processed manually?

I find 2.3.4 is adding too much sharpening, I am typically seeing 50+ for the auto sharpening setting which leads to excessive sharpening.

Correct, but I believe they are looking at that. Maybe (@adam.mains) can confirm.

I agree about that but what I do is batch similar images and adjust the Sharpen setting to my taste … but … it must be similar as there will be no Auto for the batch once you adjust the Sharpen setting.