Combine Gigapixel AI, Denoise AI and Sharpen Ai into one product

Currently these three products does fantastic job. At the same time Gigapixel Ai does some level of sharpen and denoise. Doing a workflow with these 3 tools individually is time consuming and painful task. Also Everytime an image goes through these 3 tools, somehow the output is over-sharpened because of repeated sharpening. If you come up with a new product combing all these 3 products, it will be cost effective for customers and you can focus on one tool to update and fix bugs…

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While from a user point of view this seems like a good idea, these are large programs that may be very large if combined. Right now Gigapixel can’t be called from a host program but the other two can. If combined they may not allow any to be called which I would not like. There are some negative aspects to this idea.


That is a definite No from me. When I use Denoise AI and Sharpen AI, it is as plugins from a host editor. I use them when I need to, sometimes only Denoise AI, sometimes only Sharpen AI (and that mostly in stabilize mode), and I doubt I would ever use those function immediately one after the other. So I’d rather call two independent smaller plugins as needed, than a combined larger one.

When I do use DeNoise, it is early on the work flow and only when it’s needed. I see no point spending the time to run very low ISO outdoor shots taken in good light conditions which have little or no noise through Denoise AI, and I prefer any sharpening to be done towards the end of my workflow.

In the case of Gigapixel AI. It isn’t able to be used as a plug in, and it seems to me there are good technical reasons for that. So again, why bloat the plugin programs with a function that isn’t applicable to plugin use?

My two cents worth :grinning:


If Denoise and Sharpen are available as plugins, then just modify Gigapixel to be able to use them as plugins, and its a win win. The plugin features don’t change and people can purchase “addons” for gigapixel if they wayt…

For what it is, the software isn’t expensive but it is far from free. With the new paid updates, this would be a nice update to bring customers up to a new version.

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That would definitely not be a win for me Joe,

All my editing is done via my host editor.

From there only as and when I need to do I use Denoise AI, Sharpen(mainly Stabilize) or some of the many other plugins I have in my toolbox.

Nearly all of my photo images are from cameras which have more than enough pixels for the resolution the images will be used for so I actually very rarely need to use Gigapixel AI, and I certainly wouldn’t want to run anything from it as a plugin.

Perhaps to further explain. After the basic Raw development functions, one of the functions I would use most is the crop tool, but those crops rarely take huge amounts off of the original image, they are mainly just tweaks. For efficiency I use a crop function in the host editor that also resizes at the same time. It’s instantaneous, and the resize algorithm gives a perfectly acceptable result for images that will either shown on a TV, or printed at a max size of A4. I don’t need the AI capability of Gigapixel for this type of resize, and it is way too slow for general use. It’s a good tool to have when I need to do a significant enlargement from a low res source but that isn’t often.

Every one has there own way of doing things of course.

One tip is to use Gigapixel AI first with sharpen and denoise set to zero. Then use either Sharpen or Denoise AI.

I fully agree this software is fragmented.
I mostly use Gigapixel, there is no good wrokflow when I taking the exported image into or from Topaz DeNoise, Sharpen, JPEG to RAW has resulted in numerous unwanted effects and the image gets worse effects that seem to get amplified with each app.

How about including a Moiré pattern remover in the JPEG to RAW to remove the print dot effect from scans?

You could have Gigapixel on the main App make your size adjustments then click the next app tab and adjust the JPEG to RAW then tab over to Sharpen then tab over to DeNoise and these could continually speak to each other and understand better what should be sharpened and what is an artifact.
And finally Topaz Adjust, this would make a great workflow staying in one application and saving time and most likely a better result.

I see this as the best way Topaz can get to the next level.
As I said I mostly use Gigapixel, taking the exported image into or from Topaz DeNoise, Sharpen, JPEG to RAW has had numerous unwanted effects and the image gets worse effects.

Please look at bringing together the apps as described above.
I purchased all Apps, and I understand others may not be able to afford this so you could still offer the main Gigapixel then Sharpen, DeNoise etc as additional add ons and simply grey out those tabs.