Colour shifting in tiff or jpg file saves and DNG file unusable

I have just started using Photo AI with RAW input files. The program appears to be processing/ enhancing the files as expected. Trying to save the files is different issue.

The DNG output is a very poor pixelated image and not usable. The tiff and jpg files have color shifting of the browns to magenta tones. The DNG and Tiff outputs both show 48bit color (same as the raw file). When saving the tiff file compression was not used. The jpg saved as 24 bit color but has the same magenta tones seen in the tiff file.

When I open the raw (NEF) in my photo editor and save it as a tiff and then open that tiff with Photo AI I am not seeing the color shifting.

My normal workflow would be to open the raw image with my editing software (AcdSee Ultimate 2023) and then invoke Topaz denoise or sharpen from that software. There is currently no plugin for the Photo AI product so I can’t see if that would make a difference.

Bottom line is the current file output is not usable for processing from a raw image.

There is a plugin you just need to add it to the acdsee plugin folder, this is the details from ACDSEE on how to add the plugins:

Hi Don

Thanks for your response.

I was able to locate the plugin.

Launching Photo AI from withing ACDsee Ultimate 2023 solves the issues when editing from a raw file.

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