Colour correcting and grading video footage

Been trying to figure out if its better to colour grade my c-Log video footage pre/post running it through topaz video AI. Worried that either process will lose detail/info before the next step.

It would be good if you had colour grading option in Topaz where we could process Log footage and get the best out of it. Both manually, and AI options would be good. Doing this all in one place while the most info is in the file could help get the best image out of the file? As well as improving the workflow? Someone more technical than me could correct me here.

Good question!

I recommend grading as a secondary step since we do see reports of color shifting occurring when using Topaz Video AI with certain file and encoder types.

We are working on integration with third party apps which would take care of this and would allow you to perform all of your enhancements in TVAI and then return to your host editor for the rest of your video editing needs.

Definitely color grade after Topaz. Some of the models shift colors noticably.