Color shift - Red

There’s a noticeable red hue added to my processed videos. I’m upscaling, increasing the frame rate and applying some enhancements. I have not seen this on other videos I’ve processed. These are from an older digital camera.

Has anyone else encountered this? Know issue? Workaround?


I have but not in that exact form. I’ll bet the solution is similar though. The issue should be coming from a mismatched colorspace conversion. All processing in TVAI happens in rgb48le. That means the usual conversion goes something like yuv420p to rgb48le to yuv422p10le, or something like that. It’s easy to mess one of those up—especially if they’re not tagged correctly. (I also suspect that TVAI has not accounted for all possibilities.)

The easiest thing to try is to convert it to something not very lossy like ProRes and then do TVAI enhancements on it.
You can export it right after opening it in TVAI. This will convert it to whatever your output is set to without enhancing anything.

If that doesn’t work, I only know how to fix it by modifying the generated commands and adding the zscale filter to them. It can get tedious.

Thanks for the suggestion. I ran it through Handbrake and set the colorspace to BT.709. Although the video still had the red tint while working with it in TVAI, it looked correct on the output.