Color profile

I am really new here and in the use of Topaz studio.

I would like to know if the software Topaz studio recognizes my profile “Generic PnP Monitor.icm”
because I am doing calibration with a spyder3 probe.

Thank you in advance for your answers


Hi and Merry Xmas, if you want further confirmation raise a support request but all applications display using the ‘current’ system ICC Profile, whatever that might be.

You may be getting confused with working color space or image color space which refers to the color space used for creating or processing a image.

Your monitor profile is only used for display and cannot be allocated to and image specifically.

Okay I wanted to be sure that the colors displayed by Topaz studio were from my color profile.
Thank you for the answer.
@greenkeyboard I feel that the discussion might fester, stay calm!