Color issues with DeNoise 2.3.6?

Updated to 2.3.6 yesterday when 2.3.4 stopped working for the most recent time. Today I ran a couple simple images at marginally high ISO (6400) and the output looks like total garbage.

Colors are washed out and smeared, and the whole image looks dreadful.

Does someone have a pointer back to the 2.3.4 install so I can revert 'cause this version is unusable?

And can SOMEBODY tell me what I have to do to put IMAGES in here? They upload, THEN it tells me I can’t put images in the entry…

Which product?

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Sorry, Topaz Denoise AI 2.3.6.

Once again, I attempted to add a couple images, and I continue to be told I can’t… What do I have to do for this to work?

I am not aware of any way to roll back to a previous version.

My suggestion would be to contact support at Topaz Help Center (

I have the install file for 2.3.0 so I went back to that. Ran the same images, no strange result. So, worst case I can keep using 2.3.0 and get work done…

Or, if I’m feeling brave and frisky, I’ll try doing the upgrade to 2.3.6 once I’m caught up and see if it works OK or if it still gives me the same odd results it did last time.

As for reverting - are you telling me that once you upgrade to a new version, no matter WHAT kind of problems there are, you’re STUCK there? And can’t go back to the last version that actually worked? Even Adobe lets you go back to previous versions when their new one has problems.

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Glad you still have the old installer and things are once again working for you.

What I’m saying is there is no rollback option within the software interface and that you would need to contact support if an upgrade is not working for you.

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You need to settle down as this is a user to user forum. If you search the forum you will see the downloads for all last versions are in the Product Releases section …

Also, when you are looking for help when you have an issue it helps if you explain what the input image is and where was it generated and then, most important of all, open Help, Graphics info., press Copy and post the info here.