Collage edge effect ver 2

Sorry it has take 3 tries to do these. Said I has exceed file space so I had add the collages by links

My first collage, mostly flowers Herman Park, Houston Tx, there are no edge effect on the pictures and second collage from Galveston, TX and edge effect used on all but one picture. The tattered edge effect was done in another software product. Side note how big is the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX middle to left side on the panorama.

When I make a collage, I wonder which type of edge effect to put on each individual picture.

I decided to see what type of edge effect I could do in Topaz now.

Ex, 2 Edge Exposure I was able to product soft edge by adjusting sliders, opacity, left edge exposure, left size, left transition, apply to all

Ex. 3 used Digital Frame bevel edge - - frame size 0, imagine depth max value

EX. 4 done by using Texture inverted border, then using ReMask 5 to make the border transparent, png file.

Collage showing 3 different edge effect produced in Topaz. It is easier and faster if using Ex. 2 & 3 in Topaz but not EX. 4.

Which type of edge is your preference in a collage?

The two picture collages are not made in Topaz, but all pictures processed in Topaz.

Flowers Hermann Park!Auo25GWAinjUoje0-eFZKJlQ57Cp


Topaz edge effect!Auo25GWAinjUojn5vtrrMI5I9Sir