Cloud solution to run Video AI?

  1. Do you have any recommendation solution to run Video AI without buying the hardware?
  2. Is it works inside VM?
  3. What about GOOGLE TPU?

That’s a great question! One of the biggest challenges is that at least according to the system requirements page it doesn’t appear there is any Linux support. That said, I wonder if it could work in WINE under Linux.

I think running a VM would not make much sense when it is running on your local machine at home where you need the hardware anyway.

I think it’s painful waiting for a 40GB file to transfer from one computer to another on a 1 gigabit network.
Now try that on a 200 megabit internet upload connection. Chances are, even if you have faster internet, the place you are uploading to won’t allow for the full speed.

Would it be great to rent hardware through the cloud? Yes. Would you be able to get around the slow file transfers? Probably not. I’d say it’s worth buying the hardware just to be able to handle files fast enough see if you’re on the right track.

Another issue mentioned not long ago on this forum: You have to have a monitor plugged into the video card for TVAI to work. I don’t remember the technical reasons. I do know that that will never be an option for cloud computing. Though, that should be resolved, if they ever get the Linux version made.

Your comments about file transfer are definitely true and worth consideration in any workflow of this kind. I will say though that I’m able to run TPAI and TVAI on a Mac Mini and a Mac Pro that do not have monitors plugged into them. So perhaps it is only some machines that this is a limitation on.

It might be specific to Nvidia GPUs.

I know there are cloud VM services that will run Windows instances. I’m not sure what kinds of GPU options they have available. There is a chance that one of them would work right now. Might be a lot of work finding what one does though.

I have a Nvidia GPU, RTX3070 not plugged into a monitor and TVAI works perfectly.

Ah this post is what I was thinking of when I said that.