Close window - simple fixed much needed

Wow, V1.5 is quantum change, have to relearn from the beginning. First impression is it seems very dumbed down. Suggestion I’ve hoped for from day one - when I save and waiting for Photo AI to process I don’t stare at the screen like you guys. I multitask, take calls, pet my cat, etc. WHY do you have to use a gray button that matches the background for your “close window” promt? It would be so easy to go from the red “procession” button to a GREEN “close window” button. That way I can see it from across the room or with my head turned or while reading emails. That would be so appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for your insight! I can see how this could be useful especially if you’re processing large batches and not constantly watching your computer.

Thanks Tim, I am using Photo AI far more than I ever expected, sometimes for just minor touchup and sometimes to rescue an old archive photo that is almost useless. The more I use it the more I yearn for a green button to alert me when the process has completed so I don’t have to stare at my display. That would be such a nice improvement.

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