Clipped text characters in Studio

All my text in T.S. is clipped and this makes it difficult to read. This issue occurs with all text on the right and left side and bottom of the screen.

This issue is seen on an iMac using the latest op sys.

Any ideas???

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The problem appears to be related to Mac users with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Could you please create a ticket, and send us a copy of your System Profile Report, so we can compare it to our own machines? Here’s how:

  • Apple Menu/About This Mac/More Info…
  • Click System Report…
  • File/Save…
  • Attach the file to your ticket created in the help on the Studio link above


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To confirm your observation: NVIDIA GeForce graphics card seems to be working correctly using Win 10 on my PC.

Its about the Mac not Windows.

OK, I’ve generated the Mac Sys Report and attached the file to my enquiry ticket. I await your answer to resolve this problem. Rgds.

This will be fixed in Topaz Studio 1.7.

All Good now. 1.6.8. has fixed the clipped text issue. Studio really great now. Thnx.