Click to generate single frame with each model

Reading a description of each model doesn’t predict how the model will behave due to so many variables in the source material.

As a user, i would like to be able to be able to load a source and have VEAI generate a sample frame from each model. This way, I can quickly compare like for like.

Ideally, i could position the slide to the correct starting point and click to generate either a single frame or a clip of desired duration in each model. Potentially being able to check off which models to use. Being able to spend 15m(?) comparing a single frame in each model would make it easier and faster to advance to the next step of spending an hour or so generating 10 second clips from that same point with the desired models.

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I second this, outputting all models at once for single frames or 5 - 10 clips that can then be auditioned like audio programs do would be great.