CLI settings for Topaz Photo AI

How can I run the CLI tool “tpai.exe” with custom settings?

I want to be able to configure things like values of “suppress noise”, “remove blur” or “fix compression”. However when I do a “tpai.exe --help” I can’t see any parameter to configure this.
Is there any configuration file the CLI tool uses?

This is the command output when I launch the --help:

tpai.exe --help
QML debugging is enabled. Only use this in a safe environment.
    --output, -o: Output folder to save images to. If it doesn't exist the program will attempt to create it.
    --overwrite: Allow overwriting of files. THIS IS DESTRUCTIVE.
    --recursive, -r: If given a folder path, it will recurse into subdirectories instead of just grabbing top level files.
File Format Options:
    --format, -f: Set the output format. Accepts jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, dng, or preserve. Default: preserve
        Note: Preserve will attempt to preserve the exact input extension, but RAW files will still be converted to DNG.
Format Specific Options:
    --quality, -q: JPEG quality for output. Must be between 0 and 100. Default: 95
    --compression, -c: PNG compression amount. Must be between 0 and 10. Default: 2
    --bit-depth, -d: TIFF bit depth. Must be either 8 or 16. Default: 16
    --tiff-compression: -tc: TIFF compression format. Must be "none", "lzw", or "zip".
        Note: lzw is not allowed on 16-bit output and will be converted to zip.
Debug Options:
    --showSettings: Shows the Autopilot settings for images before they are processed
    --skipProcessing: Skips processing the image (e.g., if you just want to know the settings)

Return values:
    0 - Success
    1 - Partial Success (e.g., some files failed)
    -1 (255) - No valid files passed.
    -2 (254) - Invalid log token. Open the app normally to login.
    -3 (253) - An invalid argument was found.
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Thanks for reaching out. We will be working on adding manual settings to the Topaz Photo AI CLI soon. At the moment, it only uses Autopilot settings.

I added this as a feature request in our road map so we can work on it. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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I’m setting upscale to 4x on Autopilot settings, but the cli won’t do the upscale.

When the cli prints the settings that is going to use “Enhance” is always disabled, even if I have changed the Autopilot settings to 4x.

Autopilot Settings for 00001_00.png:
    "Denoise": {
        "auto": true,
        "enabled": true,
        "model": "Low Light",
        "param1": 0.2718254327774048,
        "param2": 0.2022935003042221
    "Enhance": {
        "enabled": false,
        "model": "High Fidelity",
        "param1": 0.002386240754276514,
        "param2": 0.19391538027960592,
        "param3": 0.7014735341072083,
        "scale": 4
    "Face Recovery": {
        "auto": true,
        "enabled": false,
        "param1": 0.800000011920929,
        "selectedFaces": null
    "Sharpen": {
        "auto": true,
        "compression": 0.49727872014045715,
        "enabled": false,
        "isLens": false,
        "mask": false,
        "model": "Sharpen Motionblur",
        "param1": 0,
        "param2": 0.27700871229171753,
        "slens_blur": 0,
        "slens_noise": 0,
        "smb_blur": 0.27700871229171753,
        "smb_noise": 0,
        "smot_blur": 0.2022935003042221,
        "smot_noise": 0,
        "stg_blur": 0.03999999910593033,
        "stg_noise": 0.05

Does the free trial download have CLI support to test? What is this Beta Tester role and how to get involved? Where is the CLI docs? I looked online and at the docs and googling so far, interested to try it out… thx

Can we tell it what dimensions to output, how much to scale, what file name format, settings, crop, etc.? Where to find that? In Autopilot json? Doc for that JSON? I only saw the UI docs so far… Autopilot & Configuration | Topaz Photo AI

PhotoAi can do everything GigaPixel can? Any idea if/when add CLI to gigapixel? thx

It needs ability to set which AI models for auto parameters like enhance low-rez 4x for each AI step as well as optional parameter overrides such as remove blur ## (but not -param1 like in settings output as that is meaningless)

that bug got fixed in 1.3.4 verified.