CLI (command line) options

Hello everybody,
I just need to “renew” some photos and I would like to use the CLI.
I don’t understand how to pass some options like the suffix.
Any ideas?

Currently adjusting the suffix of your saved files is not possible with the CLI. However the CLI will default to add a -# to the end of your files.

It would be best practice when working with the CLI to save the output files in a new folder so the processed files can be easily identified.

More information:

Command Line Interface | Topaz Photo AI

There is a lot of “problems” with the CLI.
For example, when the tpai.exe try to convert a corrupted file, the program stop to work.
“Skipping image due to error” but the file is not skipped and the process is stuck.
There is no option to specify to use GPU or CPU.
Also “–recursive” option work in a strange way: if I do "tpai.exe --recursive "d:\bla bla\images" doesn’t work (0 files founds), if I do “cd d:\bla bla\images” and “c:\programs.…\tpai.exe --recursive ./” work perfectly.
If I use “–recursive -o ‘d:\bla bla\resized’”, the directories structure is not replicated.
And if there is 2 files with same filename but different path?
So I need to create program that create a batch with all tpai.exe calls, one for each directory… so why exists the --recursive option?
And there is no option to prevent restart job from scratch, something like “if the file exists, skip it”.
OMG. Disaster.

But why to use the CLI?
Because if I need to convert 100 files, the GUI seems to have a lot of problems with garbage collection.
I’ve created 100 copies of a file to have same size and same format.
1st file is done in few seconds, 2nd in few seconds, for the 3rd I need few more time and for each file the performances decreases.
After 30-40 files, the process become so slow that I need to kill the process and restart from last file done.
I’ve 32gb of RAM and Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti, I don’t think is an HW problem.
I’m using other AI software like whisper without problems.
The sensation is to work with a beta version.

I’m sorry, in general I prefer not to be so negative but to spend hundreds of dollars on software that has so many flaws…
Too bad 'cause the result of a single job is excellent.
Good software for a single user that need to fix few files, not for a company that need to work on thousands files.