A lovely flower but I couldn’t stop being distracted by the wooden fence behind. So after quite a few Topaz adjustments, I decided to do a quick masking job, create a new plain background and see where it led.


There are really beautiful shades of colors and details when viewed at the larger size… well done!

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Lovely image and color …

Nice …

Often, just simplifying is best. Stunning result.

Colour and clarity are excellent

This is nice. .The black background really makes the colours pop.

Beautifully detailed image, and the black background “really pulls the room together.”

Thanks everyone for your positive comments on this. Its encouraging and I may try some other floral creations in this style when I find suitable specimens.


I love it. What adjustments did you use and what are the slider numbers? Or, do you have a saved preset? This is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.