Cleaning the video from scratches, white and black spots

I did not find the functions of cleaning the frame from film noise (dedot, despot and etc.) points and scratches. Without this, video restoration does not have the proper quality even when zooming. Think about this function, it is necessary!

Removing scratches and other spots and dirt has never been part of this program from what I can see. People that restore video often do that externally, removing spots and scratches with a despeckler in a different video software or by hand and frame by frame.

this would be wonderful to have. but I can already see the artifacts it might create, lol.

I second this reply. Scratches and Spots and other “Old film defects” are easily removable with Software like Neat Video or combinations of spot reducer Filters (check out avisynth or virtualdzb filter collections, the later being free and easy to use to get a feeling for the filters). For the commercial video editors, tons of plugins and filters already exist.

The nature of an inference engine (the “AI” part of TVAI) is not very well suited for this kind of task - adding this functionality would be best by adding some traditional filters in the processing qeue, just like filters for corecting colour, contrast, etc… This would be doable…

with the avosynth enabled versions of TVAI, one can achieve this functionality vey easy by filtering prior to frameserving into TVAI - the latest betas don`t have avisynth enabled no more, which I hope will change in the future.

Try to do this when processing cartoons. You will lose a lot of details, lines and necessary elements. For movies, this is a working option in most cases, but it would be nice to have a general AI model.

Did you have any luck using AVFS with the latest 3.1.0 ?
I’m getting constant crashes

I’am using separately “Hybrid” (Selur) with the most *synth plugins. Then I use it.

sorry, no. If I need Avisynth input, I mostly went back to older versions - with the new speedups, I probably have to revisit the issue.

not sure I get your reply correct…

Are you saying that applying traditional filters to cartoons for scratch removal and restauration is not working as good as for real life footage ?

Yes, this often removes details in the animation. (Lines (contours), snow, rain, stars, parts of characters with a quick change of frames (running, sudden movements, etc.).

ah ok, I know what you mean.
If details are removed, its often a matter of tweaking the parameters right ur use another filter. Getting traditional cartoons clean is often very possible.