Clean up stuttering (dropped frames) video


I’m using Topaz AI for the first time. I have a video I recorded (me talking in front of a whiteboard) and the recording has a lot of dropped frames / stuttering. I’m trying various settings for frame interpolations to clean it up, but I’m not having any luck. The original video is 28 FPS, if I set it to output at 60 FPS it’s incredibly smooth when the original was smooth, but the stuttering is kept (just now at 60 FPS). Any tips??

Thank you!

Is the stuttering from duplicate frames?

Yes! I’m wondering if there a way to detect duplicate frames and engage the interpolation?

Happy to share a short clip if that would be helpful.

I had success dropping the duplicate frames by running Chronos Fast and having it lower the frame rate. My movie was formatted for DVD, so it had the DVD standard 29.97 FPS, and I told TVAI to lower it to 23.976 with Chronos.

Interesting, this almost works for me! But the stuttering was pretty bad so I think I’d need to lower even more than 23.976. I guess I could do this with ffmpeg and see what happens. I wish I could detect duplicated frames and only do it for those spots.

I’ve seen ways to do that with ffmpeg, but it didn’t work on the video I tried it with. You might have a variable frame rate on your video.


the solution i easy: before importing the video into VE AI convert it to the lowest framerate you find in your video. Use a tool of your choice for the conversion. Maybe reduce the frames per second from 28 to 14 if in some parts you have doubled frames. VE AI will then be able to smoothly make it 60 fps!

Cheers, Imo :slight_smile:

@daniel-9174 Sounds like you may have dropped (missing) frames - seen in many old video recordings when the recorder or disk couldn’t keep up. The ‘missing’ frame is automatically replaced by the recorder by a duplicate of the previous frame in order to maintain the frame rate/correct number of frames a second. Sometimes, the drops and dups are caused by frame rate changes.

So you end up with two identical frames then a little jump to the frame that follows it i.e. a jumpy jerky video whenever the movement is significant. Slow movement doesn’t usually reveal it at first sight, even if it’s there.

If these ‘drops’ and dups are regularly/evenly spaced you can use various freeware to remove all the duplicates then TVAI to fill in the missing frames if you want slomo or a higher frame rate.

The problem arises when the drops and dups and not regularly spaced and this often happened with old video recordings. It is VERY hard and time consuming to deal with that as with all the usual video software, it has to be done manually, frame by frame then the video reassembled.

Video guys far more knowledgeable than me have struggled with this problem for over a decade by writing avs scripts that run in Avisynth or Vapoursynth - both of which are included with Staxrip (or use Virtualdub2). These guys have been active within the last couple of years and have posted what appear to be very useful scripts to deal with this problem - but I haven’t yet had time to learn the method and test them.

But for you or anyone who wants to head down that path, here’s a link to the discussion I followed, spend some time working through it and by the end, you should see the script that hopefully is needed.

Good luck!

Daniel are you able to share the footage. I might have some time this weekend to work more with TVAI and I would happy to look into this with you. I’m new to this too but learning quickly through lots of experimentation. If you were able to share the video I can set up a dropbox link for my business that you could drop it in so I could give it a shot for you.


Hi Chris! Sure I’d be glad to share some footage. How about just a one minute sample you can play with and we can be in touch if you are able to discover a good solution!

Thank you for all of this info, it’s excellent!

i often suffer from video files that in general run almost smooth. almost. because all few seconds there is a frame jump in the video. I have no idea how to fix this.

Well, I put some amateurs skills to work and came up with nothing. I hope you get it figured out though.