Clarification on upgrade policy

So I’m a little confused on their upgrade policy: If I buy a collection of plug-ins on sale (currently they are having a sale for Easter) do I still get future updates to the products included in the collection? I know that any new products would not qualify, but I’m tempted with the bundle/collection price versus buying individually but want to make sure I can update all 17 plug-ins even though they are being purchased as a collection of plug-ins?

It is important to remember that there is a difference between plug-ins and adjustments. It is my understanding that all updates to purchased adjustments, whether individually purchased or within a bundle, are free. Individually purchased plug-ins are eligible for a free upgrade when they are converted to adjustments and packs “in Studio”. That said, hopefully someone with more knowledge (or a representative of the company) will correct me if I am wrong.

If you buy the pug-in collection you’ll get the in Studio version of those which have been ported to Studio so far, then as and when the rest are ported you’ll get those free as well, and of course any future updates to those products. There will be no more updates to the old plug-ins themselves though - just the in Studio versions.

Thanks. I ended up purchasing just the plug-ins I needed (which was cheaper as some of the plug-ins I thought I would use I ended up not liking how they worked/the results or realized I didn’t need them).

I was also chatting with one of my friends about the plug-ins and he said that he’s gotten free updates for his plug-ins (Adjust, Clarity, etc–the sames ones I just purchased) and he’s been able to update them over the past year or two that he’s had them, free of charge. I’m starting to think that what Topaz really means (and by how I’m interpreting it) if you buy a collection, and then they release a new product that was not part of that collection you purcahsed, you don’t get to upgrade to the new item for free, but your other purchases you do. At least, that’s my interpretation of this based on my friend’s experience and thinking about the policy a little more.

Yep, that’s how it works. You don’t get free upgrades to things you haven’t bought.

There is a new policy with purchases, I believe for adjustments. The way I heard it was if you don’t buy the individual adjustments now, then you will have to purchase the whole package.

From what I heard, this is going to happen in June, I could be wrong.

What bothers me, is there are still unstable versions being released and I don’t want to compromise my machine by continually updating.

This is not correct. There is never a requirement to purchase within Topaz Studio, it is a free application.

All software has bugs. We do our best to respond to reported issues, but there will always be something new to fix when we’re constantly adding features and refining the experience.

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if you don’t buy the individual adjustments

What I was informed at the end of a recent webinar was that if you don’t purchase the individual adjustments before June is that they would no longer be available to purchase by themselves, alone. ie - Bloom, Dehaze, etc.

I imagine it is really difficult to anticipate all the different user system scenarios too

Quite so. But when an application degrades your photo the issue needs to be worked upon ASAP. Yes, all software has bugs. But it is a really big bug when a known issue is still ongoing with upgrades.

Which webinar was it? I think I’ve watched every one since Studio was launched and I don’t recall anybody saying that. I do recall Heath saying that the two packs are going to be merged into one big bundle, but he didn’t say anything about individual adjustments no longer being available.

Which one? There are dozens of known bugs that continue in updates, primarily because we can only do so much in each update.

Most likely, she’s referring to a mention that this will be the last time you can buy the Classic Plugin Collection. We’ll be doing a merge between our two online presences, soon, and this will result in some store option changes. Never have we considered axing the ability to buy individual adjustments, nor have we announced as much.


Thanks for clearing that up, Joe. Obviously it was a miscommunication.

The really big bug is that Topaz Studio softens images. Detail is lost. I have been told it is a known issue and you are working on fixing it.

Some problems take longer to solve than others. If we’ve communicated that we’re working on something, then we are. The best way to track problems that are resolved is by using the changelog here:


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If photos are being degraded by softening by Studio, then everyone who uses Studio shoud be told and given the opportunity to use it or not.