Chronos fast models adding degraded frames since nVidia driver update

I installed an nVideo driver update a few days ago, and ever since then, the Chronos fast model, which was performing well, is having problems. If I try to increase the fps on videos from 15 to 25 or 29.97…it used to interpolate frames correctly, nicely. Now the interpolated frames appear to be just copies of the original frames with some kind of degraded image artifacts on them, so it’s quite unusable. I tried removing and re-downloading the Chronos fast models, but no change…Help.

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Did the try the driver you had before to see if that was really the source of the issue?

In VEAI 2.3, Chronos has issues. Most framerate increases other than 2x or 4x causes many extra blended frames to be inserted. Some interpolated frames are good though. The output is not usable.

One person here said they are able to fix the video with a convoluted process using Srestore (in Avisynth). Search for the thread. I tried that process but could not get it to work.

I ended up using Chronos at 2x. It works and is the best interpolator on the market IMO, however each scene change has a blended frame (not visible in playback). The frame count is perfect.

Interestingly I can convert 23.976 videos to 25fps with no issues.

That’s interesting you had Chronos Fast working with a different driver. Do you recall the version driver you had previously?

I tried downgrading my nVidia graphics driver, but the same problem remains. And I agree with you, videogeek, there appear to be extraneous (extra) frames interpolated, and some are ok, but some are degraded. I can confirm that this only occurs with all the Chonos models and only if I have nVidia GPU selected as the processor…if I instead select CPU as the processor, the output is fine (just painfully slow to produce).