Choosing a graphics card query

After the version 4 AI Gigapixel running slow (it’s now a tad faster after the update), I looked at my computer (Windows 10 desktop).
Currently run an NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti 4GB card.
I thought I might build another complete tower system and have been looking at the later graphics cards.
Two choices really…an NVIDIA 1070 Ti 8GB DDR5, or the later RTX 2060 6GB DDR6.
The cards use different methods to do their thing!
Faster memory with the DDR6, but lesser amount (6GB as compared to 8GB).
I am leaning towards the 1070 Ti card, but maybe one of you has a reason why the newer model RTX 2060 would be better?
Or, is the older model 1070 Ti my best choice? (I can’t afford the 1080 versions!).
Thoughts/comments welcome. I am in New Zealand so my choices are not too many compared to USA for instance, and our prices are way higher than they should be.

The RTX uses the latest NVidia processor so that’s where future development and driver optimization will be. The GTX is the older PASCAL GPU which is around a 2015-2016 design.

However, I’m not sure if having more Video ram is of more benefit than a faster GPU with less (but quicker) Video ram.

I’d think having all of the processing on the video card in its memory would be faster than sharing memory with the motherboard for larger images but this usually isn’t identified in GAMING tests comparing different cards.

Thank you for that. You make a very good point that I had not thought about…the drivers will (in future) be optimized for the later cards (Turing chipset, not the Pascal).
I have read that NVIDIA will have 8GB cards out later this year in the RTX range.
I will hold off to see what develops there first.
I do like the Pascal cards as they seem quite stable. I have never had any bother with my 1050 Ti so hopefully the RTX models will come right with newer drivers too.
Thanks once again, much appreciate your time to help and advise.

Good comparison chart-


Upgraded from gt 730 1gb ddr5 to gtx 1650 4gb ddr5 on an old i5 2400 system having 8gb ram ,
Preview rendering on Ai sharpen , in sharpen mode take about 2sec and rendering final output takes about 40-60 sec depending on the image (in sharpen mode)
Working on tif files 8bit around 40-50 MB in size.
Hope the above information is useful to someone