Changing the Audio Sample Rate in TVAI

A number of my source files have a 96 kHz audio sample rate, however there are some devices that only support up to 48 kHz. Please add a way to change the audio sample rate within the video AI. I am aware that the audio bitrate can be changed, but the conversions always use the same sample rate that the input has. “Convert” has no impact on the sample rate, only the bitrate.

It is frustrating that I need to process the files through one or two other programs in order to accomplish something that could very easily be done while exporting.

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FFMPEG has a built-in ability to change the export’s sample rate, so I’m at a loss as to why this feature is absent from the GUI… It’s a standard feature in most video editing programs.

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I have never ran into something that won’t automatically downsample audio on playback… but then I’ve never found a movie with 96kHz sampled audio either. Personally I use Vidmore because it’s not crazy expensive and it can convert the video audio to DTS.
Unless converting to flac, I usually find ffmpeg to be lacking when it comes to audio abilities.