Changes to software development schedule and product updates

Hey there, if we haven’t interacted before my name is Jacob and I am the Director of Engineering at Topaz Labs.

Going into 2024 there will be some changes to how the Topaz team works on and delivers updates for our products.

Some of these changes you might have noticed already. Our goal with these changes is to deliver higher value updates with more testing and stability between each update. And ultimately to deliver you better tools and experiences using Topaz software.


Update Cycles

Each update cycle will consist of one major upgrade and two patch updates. We estimate 6-7 weeks for each cycle.

  • Patch updates will resolve bugs and include small improvements to the UI for each app.
  • Major upgrades will include new models and significant new front-end features.

First Major Update

Our first major update cycle is starting this week (January 15th, 2024) with updates to 3 core products:

  • Topaz Video AI v4.1 - Tue, Jan 16 - Done!
  • Gigapixel v7 - Wed, Jan 17
  • Topaz Photo AI v2.3 - Thu, Jan 18

After that, future major updates will come out on:

  • Week of Feb 26
  • Week of Apr 8
  • Week of May 27
  • (…continued throughout 2024)

Topaz Photo and Video AI will receive consistent updates each cycle.

Gigapixel has planned updates for up to Apr 8.

Beta Groups

Beta schedules or plans will be determined by each team (Photo, Video and Gigapixel).

Part of the motivation behind this schedule update is to allow more time for our developers and beta testers to evaluate changes, so it’s a great time to join the beta groups for your favorite apps.

Final Notes

This process will allow us to concentrate “big” changes into one bundle that we can test and evaluate extensively, while still allowing us to ship frequent updates to address bugs and issues quickly.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and to what lies ahead for Topaz products in 2024.


Thanks for this piece of information (that I just happened to stumble across).

How about mentioning this as a “one liner” in each release thread?

“For more information about our update cycles, see…”

Although I see that 194 people read this thread before me I’m sure there are one or two people who occasionalle wonder what happened with the update frequency…