Chain previews (at least)

I understand (maybe incorrectly), that the CLI used to allow one to chain processes: like IRIS->Proteus->Whatever, without having to process the file manually one process at a time. It seems it no longer allows that, and my sense is that not that large a segment of users are comfortable with ffmpeg CLI anyway.

It would be wonderful if the UI could be modded so we could chain processes, even if only with Preview. Best of all would be to bring back the earlier 4-frame comparison view, adding chained processes for Preview and eventually for Export. It would save so much time in sussing out what sequence of processes might best benefit a video.

How 'bout it, Devs? :blush:

We have now added Second Enhancement Filter as an option in the Video AI 3.4 beta, which allows users to combine any two Enhancement filters without exporting and re-importing their video.

Hi, Tony - Can I get on the VAI beta list to test? Thanks, and glad to hear that this is in the works.

Looks like you’re already in our beta testers group, here’s a link to the latest release thread.

I get an error: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private. when I click that link.

Should be fixed now!

Got it, thanks!