Catalina mountains black and white

The Catalina mountains from Catalina State Park in Tucson have this special period at sunrise but not too early (was around 7AM)where the light paints over the tops of the mountains and I see the jagged tops of the mountains especially. Hard to capture the feel of the moment. This copperstate preset in studio with precision contrast, edge exposure manipulation, basic exposure manipulation kind of captures the moment for me. This texture also seems to capture the feeling when the sun starts to “pop” over. I want to experiment with other presets.


Your image did not upload.

There it is. Must be heat on the brain. 105 degrees today.

This is magic, Mike

What a interesting and wonderful looking image. Very weak captured and processed.

Nicely done …


I have no idea why that word is in there. It was supposed to say, “very well captured”. Their is nothing weak about this photo in any way shape or form. I will from now on check much better before I send it.

Very nice job on the capture and processing!

There is a small sensor dust spot that you might want to fix in the sunbeam at about 5 o’clock.

A lot of browsers have very aggressive auto-correct and change things I write way more often that I want!

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thx, got it. Haven’t had so much dust until now for a while since I quit changing lenses with the camera on.

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