Carsington water


Super capture and crop …

Thanks @BobKramer - trying to re-establish my style

Very nice panorama and BW work.

thanks @KenKv - B&W is what I seem to enjoy

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Nice panorama and B&W. The clouds are a little too strong for my taste.

Peter thanks for the kind comment. I like the sky style which Bill Brandt used - wide tonal range from black to white - I know not everybody enjoys this style.

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Great shot, Terry. I too love panoramas, but it looks more like a fish eye lens. As far as the sky, as I have read prior to posting, I get what you are saying, but the blacks are just too black for the rest of the image. The sky is so dramatic that it is taking away from the subject - unless of course the sky is the subject - which it can be. But the blacks are still too black, mate.

But in saying that, I shouldn’t - nor should anyone really criticise colours or blacks because our monitors are all different. Hard.

thanks @Seabreeze - yup - points taken - have alternative versions - personal preference!

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@el48tel My first thought was the same but after a closer look I believe most of that is the true contour of the land.
Terry I like the graininess that this pano has. Very well done!

@Seabreeze I can assure you that it’s not a fish-eye lens — not at Fuijfilm prices.
@techman Thanks for the kind comment - the graininess is accidental - in haste I’d not re-set the ISO from the day before - got to the picnic very late - took pictures - and it wasn’t until late that day I found my error. I’ve since re-processed all of the images from that day with DeNoise which has removed substantially much of the noise which looks like film grain - now part of me is even more impressed with the performance of the camera sensor

I do like the “feel” , the extra grain gives it.

thanks @nnjrob65 that’s my feeling too