Capture One PRO 20 released

Just downloaded the upgrade. Today will be a long evening checking it out.
More info here:

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I’m still on version 10. And I’m planning to rebuild my computer to get Windows 10. Looking forward to your thoughts on the latest version of C1.

Hi Doug,

Have not done very much but I do like the new version.

The big improvements came already in version 12, in version 20 you now have a much better high dynamic range tool, selective color changes are much easier e.g. with the direct color editor, the crop tool is much easier to use and some other improvements.

What I like best though and which was introduced in 12 or even 11 is that you can make selective adjustments on layers like for levels, exposure, high dynamic range, curves, clarity, white balance, color editor, color balance tool, purple fringing tool, sharpen tool, noise reduction etc. All non-destructive directly in the RAW image.

Also there is now a radial gradient tool which apply to a layer in addition to the linear gradient tool. Luma range tool for layers, you feather a mask or refine a mask. The use of styles has been improved. You can apply styles to a layer and change the layer opacity (also for all other tools).

C1 comes with a price tag, yes but the color quality the ease of doing adjustments right within the RAW file and to be able to work with sessions or catalogs is really nice. I am not using this very often but tethered shooting is also a plus. I am now doing most (sometimes all) of my adjustments in C1. For artistic looks of course I use Topaz