Can't work out how to send a private message

I have only seen one other topic that covers this in depth and I am afraid it stopped at a stage that left me still unable to solve this situation.

Firstly, is it just my rookie status?

If I am on,say, this page as I write, I click my icon button and get a little envelope button. That takes me to my account’s messaging. But I have only the greeting message from the forum and I can’t see any way to send a PM.

Any help appreciated.


Click on the name of the person you want to DM.

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Thanks for your quick attention.

So do you mean in this thread I click your name and I should see what you have shown above? I definitely do not get that, just a brief profile of your membership. I have never had that blue message box, although I have seen many posts talking of or showing it.

Hmmn…if you don’t see the Message icon then I can only surmise the forum anti-spam precaution for a new account is still active. Maybe Don can check if that is the case?

Sorry, I never responded. I now have that message button