Can't update Sharpen AI

I’m on a mac catalina and running sharpen AI v1.4.6… When I open an image in photoshop and go to run topaz sharpen AI, it asks if I want to update. I say yes and download but when I open the download (dmg) it gives me the attached picture. It doesn’t look like any mac download to update software I’ve ever seen. When I double click on the folder it shows a png file in there. I can’t update. What is wrong? I don’t understand why every time I have problems with topaz products. I hardly ever update because of it but I’m getting to the point where I really would like to solve this problem.

Anybody have a clue how to update on a mac?

Oops I can’t provide a screenshot like I wanted.

Let’s face it, Topaz’s current Mac installers are TERRIBLE. Your best bet is to use the “full installer” from their Downloads page. For the current Sharpen AI, that’s

Before running the updated product, verify that it got installed in the correct location in your Applications folder. You may have to delete an old version or move the new one out of “Topaz Labs LLC” if that’s not the location you prefer. Similarly check for duplicate “Topaz Labs” and “Topaz Labs LLC” folders in “~/Library/Applications Support/”. It can work, it’s just a major pain in the …

The products are good, but the update process is inexcusably flawed, at least on Macs.

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Please make sure you read the changelog, it clearly states you need to download and use the full installer …

I didn’t know there was a change log. Thanks for the info! Will it automatically install in Photoshop?

Sorry for all the response posts but I get the same problem. I downloaded the installer but get

Why is it in dropbox? The installer is very large and you simply cannot install from DropBox as it needs to be physically on your PC.

It will install in PS, if not just drag the plugin to the PS folder.

That dropbox thing is a window behind the image I want everyone to see which is the one entitled “Install Topaz Sharpen AI”. I get this box with a folder in it. I cannot install even with the regular, full installer.

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Did you download the installer to your PC (not DropBox) directly from Topaz Labs?

I keep trying to tell you it has NOTHING to do with dropbox. I’m on a MAC, that’s the first issue. What you see in my previous attachment is a screenshot and I took more of a screenhot than I should’ve because it’s confusing you. What you see is my finder window open (equivalent to file manager) and one of my shortcuts to dropbox, but the download is NOT coming from dropbox.

I click that link you gave me, click MAC download for AI Sharpen, it downloads the installer to my DOWNLOADS directory, and when I double click the installer, this screen comes up. Here’s the attachment again but I was careful not to include other parts of my screen.

Raise a support request at the main website, but make sure that you meet the System Requirements where the OS is macOS version 10.12 (Sierra) and above excluding beta versions.

Nothing confusing about what you posted. The full installer that you downloaded is a DMG. When you clicked on it, Finder opened it and showed its contents. Click on the big “S” icon which will open the actual installer (I think it’s a PKG). I know it’s a bit counter-intuitive, but for some reason all those Topaz installers seem to be rather Mac-unfriendly and I’m not sure many people at Topaz speak MacOS. It eventually works… mostly! :wink:

Yeah, it doesn’t say Install, but once you realize the big S logo is the installer, just double click it and away you go.

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Thank you!