Can't save cropped picture in Studio back to Host program

I’m using Affinity Photo (even though the error says Photoshop) as a host program but I would guess it would apply to Photoshop or other hosts. I bring a picture into Topaz Studio and crop it and apply some effects. When I click ok to return it to the host program I get an error because it was cropped (see below). I can save it from Studio but it should return to the host as a cropped file. I know I can crop it in the host after applying the effects but in Affinity, if I crop first, it still sends the whole picture to Studio. It’s hard to remember where to crop.

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For what it is worth, this problem does not occur if you use Photoshop as the platform. That is, in PS CC I can load an image, send it to Topaz Studio via the plugin interface, crop the image and return it back to Photoshop with the cropped image.

I think that would imply that the issue is with Affinity Photo.

Don’t crop the image as when you crop the canvas size is changed and AP wont know what to do. Crop should be disabled when Studio is used as a plugin.

Note use AP for the final crop.


I have done this with Photoshop and it does not seem to have any trouble handling the cropped image. I have used both TopazStudio and Dxo’s ViewPoint 3, cropped the image and returned it to PS without any issue.

I might report it to Affinity (Serif) because if I crop first, it still sends the whole picture to Studio. I don’t know if they will do anything but they are good at answering.

Create a stamped layer first to apply all the changes. You must remember that the Plug-in interface is Photoshop and that other software have to implement their own as the source code is not given out. As you know automation is not supported … things such as painting an effect from a plugin.

For what it is worth if you crop in Studio it returns the crop to PS … BUT … it is not in the original resolution because it fills the canvas and the returned image is exactly the same size … so the image is degraded and you may not notice unless you do a drastic crop so AP actually protects you as they know it doesn’t work properly.

For what it is worth - I loaded a raw 5184 x 3888 raw image into Photoshop, called TopazStudio, cropped it severely and returned the crop to Photoshop. A look at the Image Size dialog window showed the returned and cropped image to have the same 5184 x 3888 pixel size as the original, so Photoshop apparently has resized the image back to its original dimensions even though it was cropped.

I then wrote the image back out to disk and checked the on-disk size and, sure enough, it was 5184 x 3888. I would agree that the image has been degraded as resizing, even that done by Gigapixel, degrades the original image. The question is always “by how much”.