Can't process RAWs from Canon EOS 100R (at least up to V 2.2.0)

RAW images from Canon EOS R100 are displayed and I’m able to edit their settings.
When I try to apply the settings via ‘Save … Images’ I get the error message “Error: DNG Write Error” for every file, see the appended screen copy.
RAW images from other Canon cameras (tried: EOS R5, EOS R7, EOS R50) work.

Topaz Photo AI [v2.2.0] on [Windows]
2023-12-16-12-21-29.tzlog (1.3 MB)

It is a fairly recent camera, you can check if it is supported by Topaz, seems it may not be yet. Supported Cameras | Topaz Photo AI

I can’t see it listed.

Hi Hbie Ray,
thanks for your answer. It seems that you are right. At the bottom of the log I find:

[2023-12-16 12:51:14.271, 286.16 ms] [6d10] Warn | No camera profile found: Make - “Canon” Model - “EOS R100” Unique - “”
[2023-12-16 12:51:14.272, 1.01 ms] [6d10] Warn | Could not load camera profile: ‘“”’
[2023-12-16 12:51:14.272, 60.40 μs] [6d10] Warn | Missing noise profile value
[2023-12-16 12:51:14.297, 24.68 ms] [6d10] Warn | No camera profile found: Make - “Canon” Model - “EOS R100” Unique - “”
[2023-12-16 12:51:14.299, 1.63 ms] [6d10] Warn | Could not load camera profile: ‘“”’
[2023-12-16 12:51:14.299, 68.80 μs] [6d10] Error | DNG profile is invalid
[2023-12-16 12:51:14.299, 46.80 μs] [6d10] Error | Could not populate DNG negative, returning original mat

That leads to two new questions:

  1. How do I request support for the R100?
  2. Would it be possible to create an error msg with ‘No supported camera’ (or something like that) at the very first action, namely loading the image?
    Regards, Hans
    PS: sorry for the bold text I can’t remove that attribute.

This should be done automatically by Topaz. You could contact Support.

This seems to be it:

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