Can't open .ts2 in Studio 2

I saved a project (*.ts2) and now when I try to open it, Studio 2 just closes. If I double click on the file, then Studio 2 opens and then immediately closes. If I open Studio 2 first, then drag the file in, Studio 2 just immediately closes also.

Studio 2 version 2.3.2. This never happened with previous versions.

What is wrong???

I have not installed the new update so I can’t help you. My question is what new things the update adds?
I can’t find any news on the upgrade.

From the changelog:

New Features

  • Updated all libraries
    • Ensure macOS Big Sur support
    • better RAW image support
  • Updated UI in various places to match other programs
  • Updated the installer to take newer admin fixes
  • Updated the in-app updater to use newer system
  • Replaced Product Tour with a new one time pop-up displaying a link to the user guide


  • Fixed a bug where hiding and showing certain filters would change the effect
  • Fixed histogram not updating when filters are applied

Thank you for the help. I think I will wait to upgrade to see if others have problems.