Can't open file through local network on 3.0.0


As explained in the title I can’t open a file located on another computer through local network.
I just have an error saying “Error loading 1 file”. I tried different type of files from ProRes444 to h264 nothing is opening although the same files on local storage open perfectly fine.

I went back to v2.6.4 which is working perfectly fine.

Any idea why this is happening ?

Same thing here.
All my videos are on a NAS and I cannot open them in Video AI. But when I first copy a file to my desktop it is working fine. It looks like Topaz 3 cannot work from the network for now. Clearly a bug

Only installed on one computer. Does not look that is the problem.
At the moment I have gone back to vs2 as I have a big project relying on it. Apart from the network issue it is so slow to preview compared to 2 and the interface was much clearer before too in my opinion.