Can't get apps to install into pscc 2021

can’t seem to get topaz to load into pscc 2021
it’s not showing up under filters

it seems to work fine in LR 2021

Which app(s)?

giga pix



Gigapixel doesn’t show up under filters in Photoshop - it’s under File>Automate. To rule out the easy problems first, you need to have Photoshop closed when installing the apps, and then you have to run each of them as a standalone before they’ll appear in Ps.

so on my macpro mojave
i have the sharpen and denoise listed in filters but can’t get the gigapix to show in animate.

on my macbook pro big sur i see the gigapix but can’t get the denoise to show in filter

all three icons are at the bottom on app tool bar on both computers