Can't find SUBJECT since Update

Hi, I used to be able to select the subject manually- I cant find this feature since the update. Neither can I see which areas have been selcted. Please help me with this, kind regards, Nina

You can have the programme default to Subject by choosing it in Settings>Sharpen>Default Settings.
Then click on the little person icon in the Sharpen panel and you will see what the AI has selected highlighted in red. If you wish to modify then use one of the brushes to add to or remove from the selection:

Hi Rayin,

thank you for your mail!
I can’t find the little box and I can’t finds settings. Before the
upgrade I used to work with brushes and panel just as you described.
Please find a screenshot attached.Thak you for your help!

The panel will appear when you click on each enhancement you have selected. In your case: Upscale. You can move it to a position that suits your convenience and it always reverts there each time you open TPAI. The buttons at the top right switch between AI model sliders and subject modification:

Some of this is among the features disliked by many users (ie too many clicks), so expect changes in further updates!