Can't find Expressionist Look in Impression 2?

I used to use Expressionist look in Impression 1 but can’t find it in Impression 2.
Is it named differently?
Where can I find it and put it into Impression 2?

Favourite it if you still have TS1, then Migrate TS1 Favourites into TS2

Jack, I’ve heard you can do the Migrate procedure but don’t know the process. Could you please help with some steps to follow?

Are you talking about the legacy apps Impression and Impression 2, or the Impression Adjustment/Filter in Studio and Studio 2? If the latter, there was an Expressionism Effect in Studio which is also a Look in Studio 2.

In Studio 2 just go to Help>Migrate Custom TS1 Presets. Then check the relevant boxes and it’ll automatically happen.

Awesome, thanks Paul.

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Thanks this really helped.