Can't Connect To Server A.I. GigaPixel

I’ve tried to login to the server so that I can use A.I. Gigapixel. For the last 3 days, I get a messages that says the software can not connect to the server. I’ve contacted support for 3 days, but no answer.

Have you registered your copy at all?

Yes, I was running Ver 1.1.2 which has been registered for a long time. I’ve uninstalled the program because I have not heard from support and want to use the program. I will download and reinstall it to see if that corrects the problem.

Fixed. I uninstalled and reinstalled.


Same here, I’ve downloaded V3.1.1 which removed the previous version and installed the new one. Still have the same problem even using my Topaz signin credentials.

I had the same issue. Never activated a previous version until the solution from Topaz was to use the old version.

Here is what I did:

Install Gigapixel 4.0. This is where I got message cannot reach server.

Uninstall Gigapixel 4.0

Install previous version

Open previous version, activate, edit a photo and save. Close out of this version. (Simply activating the old version does not fix the “cannot reach server” issue in v4.0. A photo must be edited and saved.)

Uninstall old version

Reinstall v 4.0.

Server can now be reached. (at least for me)